Featured Products

These are just some of the various products I can create for you out of your Wedding, Engagement or even Boudoir Photos. I do offer standard prints that can put in an album of our choosing, framed, or just an awesome start to a great DIY project. Prints are available in packages, or individually. 

Below are some great stand out products that my clients and I Just love! I love to create customized products for my clients so everything is customizable!

Looking for some inspiration on where to start when ordering products from your photos? Check this guide out, it's a great starting point and can give you so many ideas on where to start. 

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The Studio Box

This is the box that I provide with each Wedding Package for my clients. You will get this box with a Crystal USB stick that houses all of your photos from your Wedding Day. Enclosed within' the box is a selection of my favorite moments from your wedding day in 4x6 prints.

The Studio Box is included in some of my Boudoir Packages, and can be purchased separately as well.

Custom Champagne & Wine Box

This box can be a great gift for your other half on your One Year Anniversary or just something to look forward to opening on your Anniversary. This box is excellent to house maybe a bottle of Champagne or Wine from your Wedding day to open on your Anniversary with that leftover cake! The box includes a panel that wraps around to put a photo of your choosing from you Wedding Day.

For Boudoir sessions these are great celebration Boxes. You can choose an image from your session and house your favorite bottle of wine in it for a treat for yourself. Of course they do make an excellent gift as well!

As one of my Wedding Couples you are eligible to get one of these for free! Check the page out for more information.

Custom Books

The possibilities are endless When it comes to books. There are many different options for your books and almost every element of my books are customizable. Using only High end Materials and Pages for my books you can choose between different type of fabrics, leathers, faux leathers or even metal, crystal and many other types of covers. Covers can feature a photo or not, the choice is completely yours. These are excellent for displaying a selection of photos from your Wedding Day in a nice presentation that is easy to be handled.

When it comes to your Boudoir Session these are a great way to showcase a selection of your favorite photos, or create a Keepsake from the Session. They are great as gifts for someone special or a gift for yourself.

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